It takes a lot of courage to take responsibility for the life of another being. We’re so proud you’ve decided to adopt a pet!

Pet adoption in India is an intricate process. We at Get Set Paws are against breeding. We promote adoption because we believe that there are already a lot of animals in need of a warm home who’re forced to survive in the streets. With adoption, by taking one animal home with you, you’re giving another one a chance to be rescued. 

Here are a few things to remember before you adopt a pet.

1)      There’s no point in adopting a pet and then returning them because you’re allergic to them. Get checked out by a doctor and only then decide on one.

2)      Pets have allergies too. For example, ibuprofen has been found to be toxic to cats and  plastic is deadly to all animals. Make your home is a pet friendly place.

3)      Pet adoption in India is a huge commitment. You must be ready to devote time and energy for your pets. Your pet is only happy with you by their side.

4)     Inform your family about your decision to adopt. Get an assurance that they’re okay with the responsibility because you’re bringing a new family member into your home!

5)      Talk to experts. Living with a pet is going to include certain lifestyle changes, like creating a daily routine for them and keeping them disciplined. Contact experienced trainers to clear your doubts.

So, are you ready to adopt? Are you ready to save a life? Then you’re at the right place!

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